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I’ve been keeping an eye on things in the LinkedIn® world, and there’s something I can’t help but notice – the rise of certain “trends” in LinkedIn® posts. You might’ve seen them too:

✔ Two emojis right at the start of a headline.
✔ Keywords screaming at you with excessive capitalization.
✔ Emojis everywhere, like they’re going out of style, especially at the beginning of every paragraph.
✔ And don’t even get me started on the avalanche of posts that all sound the same, filled with buzzwords, lists, and sentence structures that could make anyone’s head spin.


Sound familiar, right? Well, that’s where I want to talk about our buddy, ChatGPT.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for tools that can make our lives easier. And AI, like ChatGPT, can do just that. In the fast-paced world of LinkedIn®, it’s amazing how AI can suggest ideas, give you fresh perspectives, and help you fine-tune your words. It’s like having a trusty sidekick always ready to lend a hand.

But, here’s the deal: LinkedIn® is about connecting with real people. They want to see the real you in your posts and messages – your tone, your style, and your unique point of view.

Your LinkedIn® network isn’t looking for just another cookie-cutter, robotic persona. They want authenticity, a genuine connection.

AI can assist, sure, but even with a well-crafted prompt, it won’t nail it “perfectly.”

AI can be a great helper, but let’s not forget it’s not perfect. Even with the best prompts, AI won’t replicate your unique voice and perspective.

Your special “sauce” is what sets you apart. 🚀

Think of it like your secret ingredient – the personal touch that makes your posts relatable and memorable. Your unique style is what makes you stand out in the sea of LinkedIn® posts.

It’s easier to be yourself than to pretend to be someone you’re not.

So, with all these trends floating around, remember that it’s easier and more fulfilling to be yourself. Stay true to who you are, online and offline.

…Alright, alright, I’m done preaching now. Back to posting in my own style… 😜

In the end, let’s get back to posting on LinkedIn® while keeping our unique, down-to-earth style intact. AI can be our buddy, offering some guidance, but it should never replace our authenticity.

Here are 5 tips to boost your LinkedIn® game with Chat GPT, while keeping our unique, style intact:

  1. Role-play style: Ask Chat GPT to act as someone. Give context about your profession, but also style, way of communicating. It adapts its tone, making your posts unique and sparking meaningful interactions. And work from this persona ( being you)
  2. Test two teaser headlines and calls to action: Before posting, create two different teaser headlines and calls to action for your content. Then, ask for feedback on which one is likely to get more engagement. This way, you can pick the most effective one to attract your audience.
  3. Keep it simple: Always prompt Chat GPT to write simply and clearly. Your posts will be more understandable and relatable. And give context about which format you are using (photo, video, link…)
  4. Specify post length: If you’re unsure how much to write, you can tell Chat GPT how many characters, phrases, or paragraphs you want in your post. This way, you get content that fits your needs and keeps your audience engaged.
  5. Avoid “ChatGPT Trends”: To stand out, make sure your content doesn’t fall into the same trends we discussed earlier.

Most important:
Always incorporate personal insights. Share your own thoughts and experiences on the topic. Use ChatGPT to refine or enhance your ideas, ensuring your post reflects your unique perspective. Personal anecdotes can make your post more relatable.


In summary, AI is a helpful tool to streamline your LinkedIn® content, offering suggestions and refinements. But, always remember, it’s your unique, down-to-earth voice that makes you stand out and build genuine connections in the professional LinkedIn® world. Your personal touch and authenticity are the real magic ingredients that set you apart.

Your (AI-generated) opinion/thoughts?


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