Are we spending more time on LinkedIn during Lockdown 2020?

Guest Article by Leonard Burger…

The world has fully moved online to interact and all of us will have noticed a peak in activity on our digital channels. Those that can work from home have adopted new ways of working while a lot of us will have either lost jobs (support food-banks if you can — #notallheroeswearpants) or stopped working temporarily.

Bizarre times in which we’ve seen an unprecedented use of ‘unprecedented’ and during which companies already accustomed to remote or distributed working winning an unofficial race to work productively from home. All the while senior managers at companies that were averse to working from home have either come to change their stance or continue to focus on when and how they can return to their historic ways of working, with some even acting too soon.

Wherever you stand on WFH or other digital matters, it is paramount to success to focus on digital strategies and leadership moving into the 2020s. With all the data dust up in the air and only ever increasing*, gaining actionable insights on how others are behaving is crucial.

Why LinkedIn?

Why focus on LinkedIn:

Linkedin number of users across the world

With the ambitious growth goal to get the entire working population to use its network (3 billion users) and 2 new users per second joining, the fact LinkedIn will grow (users) and evolve (UX) is clear. Yet those actively using the network and who know its value have grown curious as to what the current situation has meant.

Connect, support & collaborate

The world of work has been seeing accelerated change during normal times and it is clear things will look different on the other end of the COVID-19 tunnel. To adjust we will need to use our human powers of connecting. The (commercial and societal) light is in forming our future world of work TOGETHER and we (Erendiz Ates and Leonard Burger) believe LinkedIn is a great platform to start and continue this journey, connecting with both like- and unlike-minded people in a PLEASANT way.

“The only way to make sense of it all is to use our only human superpower – our ability to connect, support each other and collaborate

Mark Adams – SVP at Vice

So are we applying our superpowers, to find out Erendiz posted the following 3 short questions to his network:

  • Do you spend less or more time on LinkedIn during lockdown? 
  • How many hours / week do you spend on LinkedIn?
  • What is your main activity?

After reading these on my timeline we agreed to team up and turn it into a structured quantitative survey. Although the sample is relatively small (n=101 — majority of respondents from UK, BE & NL ) it is interesting to see that indeed nearly half of respondents stated to be more active:

Since the COVID 19 or Corona related lockdown began are you spending more time on LinkedIn, half said yes

When we quantify this in hours we see that most spent between 1 and 3 hours per week with 15% actually spending 1 or more working days per week:

How many hours are you spending on LinkedIn

Finally, nearly half of people claim to only log in to passively consume content while 1 in 10 use it to engage further with their existing networks (i.e. having online conversations).

Besides this, 8.9% state to solely go online to post content and roughly 1 in 10 either do all of the 4 activities provided as options or stated ‘other’ (e.g. a combination of 1 of the 4 activities, active job hunts, live stream watching and accessing LinkedIn for educational purposes).

Type of activities conducted on LinkedIn

In conclusion, we can say that post lockdown enforcement LinkedIn has seen an increase in uptake and it will be interesting to track how and where this leads in the months and years ahead. 1.2bn (=41% of 3bn) people passively consuming content might be a dream for professional content creators yet for this to happen LinkedIn will need to increase it’s current growth rate of 2 new users per second. Because it would take 36 years to get to 3bn users, Erendiz and I will be retired by then….

What are your thoughts? Do like/dislike LinkedIn? Unsure what to make of it and what it means for you as a business/freelancer/employee? Please comment 👇


LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with both like- and unlike-minded people in a pleasant way.

Good networkbuddy  & researcher Leonard Burger has put this short survey in a simple Google form and written this article with input of Erendiz. Hopefully you now have a better insight of LinkedIn usage during lockdown. As time goes by it will be good to see how networking and prospecting evolves.

⚡️ Disclaimer: This is not an official survey and results are ofcourse not fully representative. Above all, we want to capture this ‘approachable human connections data’ into one place…

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