The new LinkedIn ‘Featured’ section: Showcase your best work

There’s a great new feature that gives you the possibility to showcase rich media on your profile. It’s a strong way to highlight the best information about your personal and corporate brand.

“Don’t just say it, display it. “

Adding RICH MEDIA to your LinkedIn profile encourages visitors to stay longer.


  1. Click on the blue button “Add profile section” in your linkedIn intro
  2. Click on “Featured” tab
  3. Add your best posts, documents, media and websites.

You can show your best work on your profile such as:
➡️ (LinkedIn) Blogposts
➡️ Links to your website/landingpage/videochannel
➡️ LinkedIn posts
➡️ Cases
➡️ Whitepapers
➡️ Presentations
➡️ Brochures
➡️ Video testimonials

In the past you could add media to your “About section”. Now this info is bundled in one visible place. Select any of these that would display what is relevant to strenghten your brand & message.


Click on the in the featured section and edit the content & order of your media.


This “Featured section” definitely improves the look & feel of your profile, gives your viewers more reasons to get to know you and to connect.

  • You want to pin your certain (blog)posts? Add them and show your thought leadership.
  • Do you have an upcoming event? Highlight it in this section or link to your landingpage
  • Do you want to show you are creative? Create and use an infographic/presentation.
  • Do you have succesful business cases? Do you want to prove you have expertise in something? Make your brand social proof.


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